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Team Irish Championships 2018 Final:
Mayo A V Antrim A

Mens Irish Championships 2018 Final:
McCarthy V O’Donoghue

Irish Pool Challenge 2018 Final:
D.Hough V Cleary

Irish Pool Cup 2018 Final:
O’Donoghue V Stephen Dempsey

Sunday LIVE Coverage – Finals Day.

Showing Louth B V Cork B Inter-Shield Final while we wait for the main events.
Showing both Singles Final and Team Final of the All Ireland Pool Championships 2018:

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Irish Festival of Pool 2018 promo Irish Pool Masters 2018 promo

LIVE: 21st – 22nd March – Irish Pool Masters

LIVE: 22nd – 25th March – Festival of Pool 2018


Other Featured Matches:

Irish Pool Classic – Gavin Cleary V Declan Hough
Irish Pool Cup – Stephen Dempsey V Karl O’Donoghue
Irish Pool Masters – TBD